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Friday, December 13, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up Week of 12/8/13

We have had a fun week!  Our area got a good bit of snow this week, so we had some snow fun.  It wasn't really good snow for a snowman, so C and her daddy made a snow mountain. She also got to go for a sled ride for the first time, she loved it!

Joy Focused Learning: weekly wrap up: snow fun

For Science one day this week Calvert had an assignment to describe something using all of your senses.  Most of the writing assignments in Calvert are too simple for C, so we used this as a writing activity instead of verbal.  We chose to describe a crouton.  Her favorite part was tasting the crouton!

Joy Focused Learning weekly wrap-up: using senses

I helped her spell crouton because she gets stressed out trying to spell unfamiliar words.  For the other words, I just helped her stretch them out and then she wrote the sounds she heard.  If left to sound them out herself, she tends to rush through the word and miss more letters.  I still have her practice spelling on her own but I think it helps her to have me set an example.

Joy Focused Learning weekly wrap-up: descriptive writing

She wrote: 

I see hols, a scware, bron (holes, square, brown)
I her nuthing. (here nothing)
I smel spiseis. (smell spices)
I fel bumpus. (feel bumps)
I taste spise and crunchy.

One of our advent activities this week was supposed to be baking gingerbread men, but I forgot to buy the stuff, oops! We improvised and made gingerbread ornaments.  

scented gingerbread ornament

It was super simple to make.

  • Cut out gingerbread shape from thin cardboard (we used a cereal box)
  • Paint on thinned out glue
  • Sprinkle with any combination of cinnamon, nutmeg & ginger, let dry
  • Decorate with glitter glue and puffy paint 
My camera died before I got a picture of the completed project, I will add one after I charge it.

This week we also made a paper bag scrap book for C's daddy and had our first Tea Party Tuesday. I wrote a separate post for each of these, you can check them out by clicking one of the images below!

Tea Party Tuesday @ Joy Focused Learning

Thank you so much for visiting Joy Focused Learning!  What were some of your favorite activities you and your kids did this week?  

~Angela workbooks on PLUS

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  1. Great work with spelling! I love how you let her do the work with guidance from you then reinforce with practice.
    Thanks for linking up "This Week" at Great Peace Academy